Our mission is to help raise funds for the owners and service providers in the professional beauty industry who’s economic existence is being threatened by this world wide pandemic.


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As you may already know, the salon business, whether hair, nail, skin or body is an integral part of what makes our cities and towns more beautiful places to live. Salons play a big role in local and statewide philanthropic endeavors raising funds for various organizations. When help is needed, the salon industry always rises to the occasion. As salons across the country are forced to cut hours, suspend business and some may even be forced to close, salons and their employees could be faced with a long-term loss of income.

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Gervasi & Company

“There is magic in a new beginning! It is oh so POWERFUL”

Moda Hair Design

“We hope that you and your families are safe and well during this trying time! Our team at Moda wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your continued support while we all try to navigate this situation together. When you support small businesses, you are supporting our dreams. We can’t wait to get back in the salon to pamper you! We miss all of you! Thank you!”

Maria Francesco Salon & Spa

“We would like to thank all of our clients for supporting us and we can’t wait to see you again so we can make you all look and feel amazing, you all bring out the creativity and artistic ability we have to life!!"

La Novita’ Salon & Spa

We go from crying at the enormity of this situation, and the fear we’re trying not to let in, to laughing uncontrollably at the chaos this is causing, both personally, emotionally, physically, and financially, but it is made so much easier with the support of our amazing staff, and clients. We miss our peeps! The Salon is our Home and we’re tired and we wanna go Home.

MOC Nails

“All of us here at MOC Nails, can’t wait for the return back to normal, a fabulous pedicure awaits! Can’t wait to see everyone”

Exotic 9 Nails

“We appreciate all the incredible support from our clients, we can’t wait to get back to the salon to take care of you.”

Bella Vita Salon & Day Spa

“When you support our small business you are supporting our dream. We appreciate all our clients and look forward to seeing everyone soon.”

Paul Chambers Salon

“Greetings to all of our clients! We hope you and your families are safe and well. We are preparing by the guidelines of the City of Chicago to put forth the best practices in ensuring safety to our clients once the shutdown has been lifted by Gov. Pritzker. We thank you for your patience and support...we will get through this together. All the best!”

Soma Salon

“Behind every business is a family. The Soma Family would like to thank all of our guests for their continued support to help us reopen strong when we can.”

Anasa Hair Studio

“To our loving guests, friends and team members, we wanted to take this time to say how thankful we are, for each and every one of you. We appreciate your messages, patience and support during this trying time. We send our love, positivity and good vibes to you and your families and we look forward to seeing you and serving you soon.”

Tease Salon

We are counting the days until we are able to get back to the place we LOVE to be, with the people we LOVE to be with, and see all of our amazing guests smiling faces and grown out roots! We love and appreciate all of your continued support through this tragedy & we promise we will all get through this TOGETHER! We are STRONG. We are STYLISTS...and we KICK ASS!

Fresh Salon & Spa

“Our clients’ continued support is what is keeping us going. We will come back stronger, smarter and more enthusiastic about our trade. We can’t wait to pamper all of our amazing clients after this is over. We miss you all and send our love and gratitude for your support in these unprecedented times.”

De Anza Salon & Spa

“We want to thank all of our clients for their unwavering support during this time! We cannot wait to see all of you soon.”

Beautique Salon & Spa

“The Best thing we can do is breathe deep and surrender to what is. Know that we are alone together. From our families to yours, stay safe!”

The Team at Mariposa Salon

“We are grateful to you, our guests, for choosing us & giving us the opportunity to do what we love. Thanks for being with us through this and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Stay safe!”

Elegant Edge & Company

“From our salon family to yours, thank you for all your facebook, gift cards and well wishes...Miss you & see you very soon!”

Joseph’s Hair Design

“We would like to thank all our guests and we look forward to returning to the salon.”

Elite Skin Rejuvenations

“We would like to let all our committed staff, clients and supporters know that we will get through this together, we are thankful for each and everyone of you and look forward to getting back to work. Stay safe and healthy Blessings to all.”

Hamilton Hair Studio

“From our family to yours, we thank all of you for the support that has been given in this unfortunate time. We are all eager to return and looking forward to seeing you and servicing all your hair needs when we return to the salon.”

Rain the Salon & Spa

“We can't wait for the day we get to see our fabulous guests again! The love and support we've felt from you has been incredible, we promise we will come back better than ever!”

Elite Hair Design

“We would like to thank all our clients for supporting us and we can’t wait to see you again!”

Leonardo’s Salon

“Thank you for the messages and support, it’s so appreciated We miss you and can’t wait to get to doing what we love!”

A message from SalonTarget Software…

Salons across the country need help and “we had to do something.” Our salons know that behind SalonTarget Software are dedicated salon owners and service providers that have their back! Now more than ever they need you, no effort is too small, please support your salon in any way you can!

Annemarie & Anthony Masciarelli

Need Help During a Closure? We’ve Got Your Back!

Are you a salon or spa looking for help or guidance to make it through the COVID19 closures? Fill out the form to tell us more about your situation.

Support from our Salon & Spa Community

There’s no such thing as Social Media Distancing LOL!

If you’re a client, then we’d love to see a video or a post of a bad hair day or  maybe even a good one, along with a little message of hope for us. For industry professionals please give a shout out for all your clients letting them know that you appreciate and miss them. Use hashtag #saveoursalons.

Pretty much what gavinnewsom is doing to the beauty industry in CA...CA is the last place in the western world to still think salons aren’t safe enough to reopen. Do you think jennifersiebelnewsom is following her husband’s devastating moratorium, or do you think she’s getting her hair done illegally?

606 82

Well here we go all set to do some cuts outside, at least I have a nice garden!

Mean while I know these State officials are getting their highlights in there perfectly coiffed hair done somewhere and I know it’s not outside speakerpelosi gavinnewsom jennifersiebelnewsom londonbreed Thanks for letting all of these big Corp stores open while us mom and pop businesses die and many Beauty industry people are struggling to make ends meet.
WHAT ABOUT US!!! You are all hypocrites!
especially Nancy Pelosi saying she didn’t know and it’s the hairdressers fault what a crock of shit, why don’t you take a little bit of ownership to what you’ve done you look like a fool in front of millions of beauty industry people.
#opensalonsnow #saveourlivelyhoods #sanfrancisconative#sfnative #sfbusiness #sfhairsalon #sfhairstylist #sfbusinessowner#saveoursalons

114 12

When life gives you lemons...🤷🏼‍♀️🍋 We did a little test run last week of our Coachella inspired 🎡 hair tent! Despite me not thinking I would be okay with it at all.. it totally wasn’t that bad!! Kind of fun actually 🤪 Besides the triple digits not allowing us to work for very long.. but now sadly, with the fires happening all around us (good vibes to all our firefighting heros) being outside and working in California is just not going to work out for now..Hoping gavinnewsom gives us some good news this week about safely returning so we can continue to protect our clients while providing the services we always do! 🙏🏼✨💕 Shoutouts to detailspartyrentals for this sweet set up! They have new owners, you guys need to check them out 👌🏼
#saveoursalons #saveourindustry #california #californiaadventure #californiasalon #californiasalonowner #salonmoxieca #hairpics #hairstylist #businessowner #hairbrained #stylistsupportingstylists #modernsalon

345 24

Yesterday lapublichealth announced barbershops and salons can move their services indoors and reopen.
This has been a long battle that we’ve been fighting for almost 6 months.
It’s going to take time for us to recover and rebuild but I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do so along with my peers.
Thank you to our friends, family, clients and members who support our work and everything barbersocietyorg represents.
We wouldn’t be here without you.

#Barbersociety #barbersocietyla #thebarberpost #hairbrained #salon #showcasebarbers #saveoursalons #thefinestbarber #barberlessons #barberclips #osterpro #behindthechair #hairstylist #barber #barberpost #barbershop #nicestbarbers #cutjunkies #barberexpo #california #nails #beauty #nationalfadeleague #hairdresser #barbersince98 #cosmetology #stylist #barberlife

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Our new article is now posted in esteticamagazine link in bio⭐️

The California beauty industry has been through such a wild ride throughout this pandemic.
Eager to get back to work safely to support their livelihood, hundreds of thousands beauty professionals are doing everything they can to be seen, heard and protect their rights as licensees are being placed below the poverty line.

Featured in article: loveerictaylor salonrepublic fred.jones.pbfc probeautyfederation barbersocietyla lugarciareynoso aurasalonware tedgibson jasonbacke

#esteticamagazine #beyondbeautyschool #saveoursalons #opensalonsnow

149 9

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again!!
Yesterday I stood with a group of AMAZING and INSPIRING people, some I have known for years and some I just met, one thing we all have in common is we LOVE our job and NEED to work!!
We are essential and feeding our families is essential!!
We bared the 109 temperature and stood for what we believe in, it was emotional and empowering as we all stood together in unity, fighting for the same thing!!! OUR JOB and LIVELIHOOD!!!
I am so proud to be part of a community that supports one another!!! Thank you retreathairstudio for organizing this event and to all the people that came out to support us and that continue to support us as well!
I will not be silent this time around!! gavinnewsom
I have worked TOO DAMN hard to not fight for what is mine!!!!
#saveoursalons #opencalifornia #cloviscalifornia #clovissalons #centralvalleyhairsociety #honeyhairclovis #thriverssociety

339 31

Sitting here patiently waiting for 2020 to be over ...

This year has been wild... we have seen our Industry among so many others be deeply affected. As I sit here in my empty business watching salons from near by and afar one by one shutting their doors for good, I wonder what they will do next and how it breaks my heart to see their life’s work and dreams unravel. I’m not sure how they expect salons and small businesses to be shut down for half of the year and still make it out alive? I’m having a difficult time watching my career and everything that I’ve worked so hard for through the last decade of my life be completely taken from my control. I’m having a hard time watching all eight of my teammates who I love so much struggle with no income and no answers.

I have sat here patiently and gracefully following every rule by the book since day one... now I am drowning. We need justice and an ordinance repeal before our industry is demolished.

I am 100% all in when it comes to the consumers safety and I think I speak for everyone in our industry when I say we would be happy to jump through any hoops the CDC throws at us and follow any safety measurement needed (as we were) if that means we can at least make some sort of a living.

Our industry is feeling completely undervalued and neglected. At the very least why can’t one stylist work alone one day a week in the salon while wearing masks while following all safety precautions? ANYTHING is better than NOTHING to us at this point and please answer how is that not safer than Walmart, IKEA or social gatherings? Salons and Barbershops are not a high risk workplace, we are trained and licensed by the state in sanitation and we deserve to be open. Our industry is not adding to the spread of Covid, we need to be saved.

gavinnewsom cabarbercosmo capublichealth
#saveoursalons #saveoursalonscalifornia #checkthedata countyofmendocino #wearenotonthewatchlist

229 18

Annnd, IM BACK!🤍
As of Monday, your girl can unlock that door, end this temporary retirement (😆) and begin working behind the chair at my favorite spot again!✂️
A couple reminders: I love EVERY one of my clients, but I’m using my same system for rebooking as last time. September is already almost completely booked. This is the most stressful part of these shutdowns as I want to get everyone in as soon as possible, but Im just one person. I assure you I am trying my best and thank everyone for their patience. Please respond as soon as possible if offered appointment times work for you, as I have A LOT of time puzzle pieces I’m piecing together to get everyone in as efficiently as possible.
I look forward to seeing each and every one of you!🙏🏼
Secondly I will be adhering to the same strict sanitation disinfection regulations as last time and enforcing masks being worn by every client for every service. I know we’re all on different pages about this, but I appreciate everyone’s compliance as I follow all rules placed upon my establishment by the cabarbercosmo. If you aren’t feeling well, please reschedule. If someone in your household has been sick. Stay home. Come alone to every appointment and make sure you text me when you arrive so I can let you in. (Doors will be locked).
I literally have first day of school gitters like when I was a kid, and I cannot waaaaait to start creating some beautiful hair with my beautiful clients! Everyone’s support means the world to me. Love-love-Love y’all!🤍🤍 #backinbusiness #saveoursalons

287 20

Hey all you gorgeous people!! I miss you all SO MUCH!! I am hoping for a positive announcement tomorrow🤞🏼 When we are given the green light to reopen, I will be rescheduling everyone in the order of cancellations. Please say a little prayer for the beauty industry! Y’all know we can use it! In the meantime- stay safe, stay cool and stay groovy. Love to you all 🖤✨ #saveoursalons #maskonsafesalon #opencaliforniasalons #saferinside #stylistssupportingstylists #supportsmallbusiness ...

161 13

Listen up 📣 gavinnewsom, You may have taken away our work FOR 6 MONTHS now but you will NEVER take away our PURPOSE & PASSION!

I stand behind thousands of artists & salon owners that are frustrated & fed up with your lack of care to our industry & our livelihood.

We have so much compassion by the ones that have been effected by covid & this is why we take such extraordinary precautions. Our salons are one of the most sanitary places you can be in. We went to school for 1600 hours to learn all about sanitation yet we are shutdown while most businesses are open without anywhere near the precautions we take within our establishment.

You won’t allow us to work while we are still expected to pay all our rent, leases, have a roof over our heads while keeping food on our tables?!

It is time to STAND UP because this is in humane! How can we survive without any financial aid?!

We will not stop fighting until you start listening! #SaveOurSalons

8761 486

Y’all can I just say 📢 WE ARE OPEN🥳
Having your career taken away a few times definitely gives you perspective on your life and goals.

I have been a hairdresser for 16yrs and it truly is my PASSION! We all go thru phases where we wonder if we should of chosen a different career, but after all these “shut downs” I truly know I am doing the work I was born to do.
Being a hairdresser is not just a title, or a career, it is a gift that I was given to do. To help empower others to feel beautiful inside & outside.
Knowing that I am walking back into this with a full heart filled with so much joy & gratefulness is a gift.🙏🏻
I actually even cried happy tears this morning, and if you know me I do not a cry often....
The fight is still on till we can get all California salons open!! #saveoursalons
So here we go, get pumped, excited and let’s go do the damn thing!!🙌🏻
Let’s go M-O-N-D-A-Y👏🏻👏🏻🖤✌🏻
#tracyhair #tracyhairstylist #bayareahairstylist #209hair #hairdressermagic #hairdressersrock #hairdressersrock🖤 #thesalonspastudios #thesalonspastudiostracy #bossbabe #womenempowerment #bossgirls #bossbabe

133 13

Harlow spent her last day of summer fighting for us to open! Let’s keep goin! #saveoursalons kevinfaulconer supervisorjimdesmond nathan_fletcher lorenasgonzalez jennifersiebelnewsom cagovernor ...

420 24

A little flashback to get you through the plague 🦠☠️Hair artist, hairxbenny
#littleshopofhairdos #downtownupland #uplandhairsalon #saveoursalons #opensalonsnow #saferinside #savecaliforniahairsalons #californiahairsalon #creativehaircolor #creativecolor #uplandcolorist #haircolorideas #hairideas #alternative #alternativehairsalon #inlandempire #inlandempirehairsalon #creatorlife #creativehairartist #purplehair #purplehairideas #magentahair #magentahairideas #hairlove #hairofig #picoftheday #hairofinstagram #california

504 15

I can’t tell you how good it feels to have the blinds open. Something so simple says a much louder message, I thank all the salon professionals who have encouraged us , that we are stronger together. Having a state license, doing all that we are required, to attending school taking a state exam , paying fees to maintain establishment licenses, business license, professional license, to complying to new requirements, proving that we are safe and not spreading Covid , yet California has shown they don’t have our backs. Now we stand together with hopes that we are heard #opensalonsnow #opensafecalifornia #haircutscantwait #licensedtocreate #saveoursalons #bakersfield #bakersfieldsalon #661hair #californiasalons #wereopen #standtogether #salonlife #salonsquad #lifeofastylist ...

185 6

How I’m living my life these days.. surrounded by plants 🌱🌿🌱
I’m truly missing everyone, can’t wait to get back into the salon! For now I’ll be at home taking care of my new plant babies lol

wildheartbeauty #houseplantsofinstagram #salonlife #saveoursalons #sachair #sacramentostylist #calihairstylist

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